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Further details about the games I've made

Azure Hue is a game I made for the 19th RPG Maker Horror gamejam! It was made in over a week; maybe 12 days give or take.

I had a very rough idea for this game way back when I first learned about the gamejam about a month before it was open for submissions.

The theme for this gamejam was: "Cursed Jewel". I knew I wanted to include a type of entity that would follow the player character(s)- not just in a horror aspect, but in a way that pertained to the theme overall.

The game starts with an innocent girl finding the titular "Jewel". Unbeknownst to her (and the other subsequent victims), the jewel is not what it seems...

I wanted the so-called "victims" of the "curse" to be captivated by the jewel itself- be it out of pure curiosity, or maybe even relating to their place of work (re; the later main playable character). I especially wanted to include a character who happened to work at a jewelry store to help bring together the reason for which she comes into posession of the gem. What a coincidence, eh?

Like my game "Manipulation", there aren't a whole lot of actual "gameplay" moments of the game- it's mostly storytelling. This wasn't the original idea, but I'd like to think it made sense in the end.

Vanessa, the purple-haired protagonist, is loosely based on a character I came up with a number of years ago- design-wise at least. That was back when I was using RPG Maker DS/FES, haha... I guess I didn't want a character design to go to waste; why not use her in this game?

This game went through a number of drafts before I settled on the final story/setting. I was having a hard time coming up with exactly WHY a "curse" would befall the playable character(s). At first, I wanted it to be due to greed or some other "cardinal sin", but I thought that was too "on the nose". I eventually had to convince myself that sometimes, crappy things happen to people for no real reason. (Even supernatural type things.)

One might argue that the player characters do indeed have a type of "greed" like trait- picking up a random jewel they found just because it looks so beautiful... but at the same time, I don't think I would call "curiosity" greed, personally. I suppose it's up to interpretation.

Either way, I hope you enjoy this little game! It's available to play on! I'd recommend downloading it though, as the image loading may lag somewhat on the browser version.

I've included a walkthrough and warnings to the game on both the game's homepage on and in the downloadable folder. Thank you!