Details About Me

>5'2" )':


It's difficult for me to "read the room", so I often misinterpret things people say or mean;;
(The list goes on for many other factors...)

>Severe CPTSD and Manic Depressive ✌️😔

>Fav color: Green!


>I currently own 5 cats ❤️

>Married my high school sweetheart (together since 2005, married since 2021)

>420 Friendly


Art Tools

>Art program timeline:
MS Paint (2001-2003) > PhotoShop CS2 (2004-2008) > OpenCanvas 1.1 (2008-2012) > FireAlpaca (2013-2018) > Clipstudio Paint (2018-Current)

>Huion Kamvas 13 Tablet (Or mouse)

>Clip Studio Paint




>I really love rhythm games! (Average score on Rhythm Heaven: 93)

>I never learned how to ride a bike u _ u;

>First Pkmn game: Silver (Fav pkmn: Chinchou :3)

>Favorite subject to draw: Curvy women!!