Gaia's Melody: Echoed Melodies:

Gaia's Melody: Echoed Melodies is an RPG Maker MV game made by Echo607 (Outgoing link):

a very prominent creator in the RPG Maker space; well known for her very informative and helpful tutorials on youtube!

Echo607 was my very first introduction to the engine, being referred to her videos by many users and one of the first results to pop up if you search "how to" with RPG Maker MV specifically.

I fell in love with the story and style- it's definitely been a major labor of love and you can see it in every little detail of the game!

The story blurb from the steam page is:

"Gaia's Melody is a story about friendship. About bonds, family - lies, deception, and the truth. Overcoming yourself, and accepting. Do you have the courage to accept the truth?"


There's tons of different characters, custom graphics, cutscenes and so so much I couldn't even begin to describe how much detail was really put into this game!!!

If you couldn't tell; I'm suuper hyperfixated on this game especially ;w;

Following Echo's journey into game development as she worked on her game piece by piece was wonderful to watch through her videos online. I wasn't aware of so much progress until after her game had been released for a few years.

Even so, I absolutely love how much dedication was put into it!

All the artwork was custom made by Echo607 herself- from the background art, to the maps, entire buildings and forests and mechanical structures-

it was all hand made!! And it's a 30+ HR "epic" that you could play over and over again! I love the music, story, characters and all!

This game really serves as inspiration and wonder to just how far someone can take the engine- RPG Maker MV had only been out for so long in the time Echo had worked using it-

and to make such a detailed, beautiful game with so much passion put into it... I couldn't help but absolutely attach to it as I got into RPG Maker game development myself!!


People can make tons and tons of beautiful, magical things using such a simple engine at it's core... it's fantastic and I couldn't praise it more!!

The art in the game is so charming and definitely invokes the feeling of early 2000s anime- it's quirky and sometimes silly, but I love it for that.

Echo607 wasn't afraid to draw her passions in each character, and it's really amazing to see it all come together in it's own fleshed out game.

Akira, our protagonist, is a young girl who is trying to understand herself- she's someone who thought she was unable to use magic in a world where everyone can, to some degree.

When her hometown gets attacked, its up to her and her friends to band together and figure out what's caused this- as well as rescuing her older sister, Echo (Unrelated to the developer, Echo607), learning more and more about her past as well.

It seems that everyone around her knows much more than even she knew about herself...

We meet a wide range of characters, from henchmen secondary antagonists, to a bunny-like character who also wants to find her way in this world and become stronger, to a twin duo of fox-like children who were outcast in their own village.

Each with their own stories and abilities that can be utilized in each area of the game to their advantage!

There's fighting, pizza, windy deserts, a haunted "pirate ship", the threat of an entire island being destroyed... it's got it all!!


I can really feel the nostalgic feeling I used to have when watching anime for the first time when I was around 11 years old..

There's beautiful storytelling all throughout, and some moments that will undoubtidly tug at your heartstrings. If this were an anime series, you could bet your ass that I'd own the full box set!!

I could go on and on and on...But I'd definitely recommend watching any of Echo607s content up on youtube, including her own playthrough of this game!

This game is the epitome of what one can do with the engine in it's entirety- at least to me! Echo607 didn't have a huge team or publishers to work with- it was her, her husband and her brother who did most of the programming, debugging and more- and it bore amazing fruit!

I know I'm hyping this up, but trust me- if you're especially new to the engine and you want to know just how far you can go as a solo developer- please take a look at Echo's games and videos!


That's not to say that one should shoot for the stars on your first go- this game took time, effort, a lot of reworking and more... it's actually a remake of a beta-ish version of the same vision Echo607 had.

What I mean to say is: If you're just now starting, don't try and take on a major epic/chapter/full-length game. Take your time and enjoy what you create!

Before you know it, you can take a look at what you can accomplish if you put your mind and hard work towards- Echo also started out small like the rest of us.

And kept building, and building and working and working till she made something spectacular- something I'll always love playing again and again!

Gaia's Melody: Echoed Melodies has a special place in my heart, and I'll probably always be biased towards it, seeing as it's been my first introduction to the RPG Maker "scene".

I recommend any new developer to watch and play it!!

Fanart by me :>

Also, there's a sequel!!! Gaia's Melody II; Echoed Memories!

I've also played it and loved it- but that's not what THIS page is dedicated to!!

Thank you, Echo607, for creating this beautiful game into our lives! And thank you for all the inspiration and love for the engine!!

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