If I'm being totally honest: I don't watch a lot of tv.

I'm extremely picky about whatever it is I watch, and I tend to take a long time to finish some of them.

(re: autistic ; _ ; )

But here are a few things that mean a lot to me, or media that I particularly enjoy :>


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Only Yesterday

Watched One of my most favorite Ghibli films; a coming of age story told in sections as Taeko Okajima, the main character, recalls her childhood while coming into her adulthood, and finding out what she'd like for herself.

The pacing and music score for this film always brings about a warmth and sense of familiarity...helps that this film was released the year I was born!

This film stands out to me among the many Ghibli films; it showcases some more defined facial features, especially in the segments that take place in the "present" as opposed to the "past" when the lead is recalling her past.

If you're in the mood for something heartwarming, definitely give this movie a watch!
Pokemon 4Ever

Watched Definitely one of my most favorite pokemon movies EVER (lol) as a child! I would watch this movie again and again, doodling Celebi in my a child in the US, I was unaware of things like the GS ball, and special/event only pokemon.

I knew there was a way to catch Celibi in my copy of pokemon G/S/C, but I had no idea how! Needless to say; Celebi was, and still is one of my favorite legendaries, if not for the movie alone, or for it's elusive means of obtaining it for myself, haha!

Sentimental and full of love for the generation it's based around; Pokemon 4Ever is a really nice entry in the early releases of pkmn media that I still quite like to this day.
Ok K.O., Let's be Heroes!

Watched PHENOMENAL! This cartoon scratches an itch I never knew I had- and I love it!

I wish I was into the show in it's hayday- I began watching it after it's airing/cancellation on CN, once it became available on streaming services. Ever since, I've been in love with the style, the colors, the characters, just about everything with this show!

There's lots of different representation of different groups of individuals, and the women in the series is definitely something I'm a fan of, too! This show is almost like those 90s saturday morning cartoons- seemingly with an air of "Hey kids! Here's that moral of the story!", but subverting it with a silly, and sometimes more heartfelt tone.

You could call this series a "coming of age" story for the main character, K.O., a child between the ages of 6-11 years old. All he wants is to be a hero like those he looks up to- and he's well on his way as the series progresses! If you like DragonBall, I think you'll definitely want to take a look at this series.

(Helps that it's premise feels inspired by DB, and even includes the voice talents of Stephanie Nadolny, known for her voice as young Goku in the Dragon Ball dubbed anime!*)
*Voices K.O. in a few, specific episodes
The Golden Girls

Watched I've always been a stickler for old-school comedy-sitcoms. The Golden Girls was recorded during the mid 1980s, and if the attire of the image to the left isn't a giveaway on that, the furniture and other stylings is definitely "of it's time".

Interestingly, there's quite a few episodes that feel quite progressive for their time- Some touching on the subjects of things like mental illness, loss of loved ones, racial bias and acceptance, and a few positive gay representations!

That is to say; there's definitely it's fair share of rather..."on the nose" terms that are now considered offensive and outdated for certain minorities. As a person of color, I can only speak for myself as an individual when I say: I understand that the time(s) this show was recorded in, was a very VERY different one from the times we're used to today. There's some ways of speaking about/to minorities in this series that I feel have aged rather poorly, and that's to be expected.

Even so: I do enjoy the banter and conversation between these retired women living under one roof- you get the sense that their hearts are in the right place, but they're also coming to understand their own shortcomings and acceptance of those flaws, in some small ways.

I'm enjoying the series so far, and I'm looking forward to watching more old sitcoms of the decade!

Update: Finished the series, and it took a lot to not cry at it's end ;w; Thank you for being a friend!

I will not be watching The Golden Palace, based off what I've read/learned abt it, and it sounding kinda...mid u _ u
The Changeling (1980)

Watched This film has been a real staple for me and my family when it comes to "classic horror"! I'm quite picky about horror genre, especially in films, but this one always stood out to me in a strange, horrifying way.

A composer loses his family in an accident, and finds solace in isolating himself in a large, empty home. Therein, he is subjected to the presence of the ghost of a child who died in the home, and he reaches out to a medium to help him understand just what happened to the child.

Another entry of it's time; The Changeling is very 80s in it's fashion and furniture abound. The most haunting feeling I felt while watching this film was always the deafening silence once feels when they're home alone. It could be the middle of the day, and you might hear a creak of a floorboard or "the wind" making the house settle. It's a delightful, spooky experience that I like to revisit every few years!

This film does depict child abuse, non se*ual of course, but can still be quite disturbing to some viewers. This film is rated "R" in the US, which means it is not suitable for minors.

Will and Grace (1998)

Watching (Season 1 at time of writing) I was too young to appreciate this show's writing as a child when it was still airing on tv, but I think it's ok so far!

Definitely a plus for gay rep in the era, and I really love it for that! I'm also really liking the acting styles of Debra Messing (Grace), and it's nice seeing a ton of old-school relics in the media in the bg of the sets (VHS tapes, CRT tv sets, and really bad haircuts, haha.

The first season feels like a bit of a drag, tonally, but I'm hoping it'll pick up in interest later down the line :>

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