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I'm just an old person with too much time on my hands. I'll use this site for gamedev type stuff regarding RPG Maker content, my own game development, and just general stuff I like!

Devlog updates!

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I've more or less have the rest of the "story" for the game fleshed out! (Thank u to my husband for the assistance ;w;) I'm not very good at writing stories, but I knew I wanted this game to mostly be about a group of generally "unplesant" people.

(Basically, the main cast is a few "mean girls" type.) I just need to finish up the latter half of the game, and add music, then bug-test!

I really want to keep my word for finishing this thing before the end of the year! It's not very "WOW" or "AMAZING" but it was a short story I had in mind for a while. I hope you'll enjoy it despite! (:


Work on my upcoming game is going rather slowly, apologies on my part for that! I constantly flip through the motions on being really excited to work on it, then ADHD kicks in and I can't focus on the program for a long time.

Again, this game will be relatively short, and not so "gameplay" involved as much as it is "story". I have no estimate for when it'll be done, but I'd like to release it before the end of the year at least! Thank you for all those interested! ;w;


Still working on my upcoming rpg maker game. As stated before, it will focus more on a sort of story, rather than gameplay. There's not much to it right now, and it won't be a very long game, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.


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