Howdy! My most recent game, made in collaboration with my husband, YellowOni, has been released!! Once again avail on my itch.io!

This was made for the 4th RPG Maker Horror Game Jam, hosted by Beregon and DaybloomProject.

Details and download/browser version is avail here! (Dont forget to read the game description/warnings!): LINK And once again, me yapping about the game here: LINK

Ty everyone for your continued patience and for checking out my silly games~ I had a lot of fun with this one, even though it ended up being kinda yappy (lots of text;; ) but I hope you'll take a look anyway! Thank ya'll!


Good afternoon to y'all! I've recetly released my very first rpg maker game ever made, now publicly available over on itch.io!

Obviously, I've uploaded a few games already BEFORE this one, but! THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I MADE and didn't share with the public eye after setting it aside back in 2021.

The premise and info is available on the itchio page here!: LINK And a little blurb about what I have to say about the game itself here: LINK

Thank you for checking out my little games! :> I hope you enjoy or at least check out my very first game, if you feel like it! Stay safe, ya'll!


Hey there! I've since released my game, Corpse Carnival for the game jam! :> You can play it over on my itchio, or by clicking on the link to the right > My Games > Itch.io link!

I've also updated the About Game page, with a new page for Corpse Carnival itself! You can see it there also, or on this handy-dandy link! LINK!

Hope you all have been well, and thank you for sticking with me throughout my rocky gamedev process;; I hope you'll check it out! Stay safe, ya'll!


Hello, all! I've been making slow but steady progress on my gamejam game! I have a few screenshots to share! HERE and HERE! (Hello placeholder Harold from RMMV)
The first main area of the game is almost done, but there's still work to be done and events and planning- but I'm getting there!

I have the most fun in my freetime as a housewife when I'm making silly little games. Please don't expect a work of art, though!
I'm still learning as I go! It's not the most furnished or pretty, but I'm making it and it's fun! That's all that matters in the long run, right?

Anyway, that's all for now! Stay safe!


WOAH it's been a long, LONG TIME huh?? dang! Sorry about that!
Firstly: I've been developing a project that's technically a spiritual sucessor/sequel to another game I've made, but it's still in quite the early stages and imo, not ready to be announced anytime soon- though I felt like mentioning it anyway!
Secondly: I've been slowly trying to work on my game entry for the Horror RPG Maker Gamejam!
The theme is: Macabre Carnival. I'm brainstorming chunks at a time, and still need to actually INSERT these details in the engine, but I'm hopeful! I'll try to copy/paste gamedev stuff from my bluesky over to here as well- it might get kind of annoying if you're subscribed to my RSS feed, but still! Thank you for checking out my site! I'm still very much in love with keeping up a neocities, so my apologies once again for being absent for long stretches of time. That's about it for now, I think! Stay safe out there!


Hey there! I've just released a new game, in collab with my husband, YellowOni!
This is the first non horror/non dark themed game I've made! It's a simple little game about collecting items for a stew.
Feel free to check it out on my itch.io, on the right side of the nav. bar, then clicking GAMES!
There's also an about section added to the about games' page, but if you play it, the bonus room will give more details :> Thank you!!


WOW! It's been a month already, huh?? I was super happy to take part in the RPG Maker Horror gamejam! I'd like to think I learned a thing or two! For now, I'm working on two projects: One is a small game I'm almost finished with (about 70% done I'd say!)
another one is a secret and is in very early stages of development, but I hope people will enjoy it when I have more info to put out about it!
Thank you all for your patience in this time. I'm very reclusive, but RPG Maker has really helped me reach a broader audience than I ever imagined! It's a bit intimidating, but I'm happy nonetheless.
This turned out to be more of a blog-like entry, but I wanted to include SOME gamedev type info since I've been workin' on it!
In the meantime, I'm still mulling over the idea of sharing my very first rpg maker game- but I'll make some type of announcement when/if I do so!
That's all for now (: Thank u!!


Hey hey!! My new game, Azure Hue, has been released to itch.io! Game info etc. is available on the game's page! Click the link on the right side of this site to check it out :> I hope you enjoy it! ((And please take note of the game's warnings beforehand!)). I've also included an ABOUT page for this game as well. Thank you!!


Howdy there! Wow, been a while since one of these was updated, haha! I'm about 98% done with a game I've been working on for the 19th RPG Maker Horror Game Jam hosted by Beregon over on itch.io.
It's not fancy or super detailed, but I'm happy I had an idea and went with it till the end!
I'll mark an update on the homepage and elsewhere when it's available for download. If all goes well, I should be able to publish it in the next day or two.
The theme was: "Cursed Jewel". I had fun working on this little project, and I hope you'll check it out once it's ready. Thank you, and be safe!


Hello! I've recently released another short game over on my itch.io page! You can check it out by clicking the link on the left side of my nav bar. This very short game was just a small project I made in about a day, in between working on a slightly larger project with my husband. Thank you again for your continued support!


AAAA HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (: I was actually able to finish my rpg maker game before the new year!! I just didnt upload it in time, though hhahaha;; THOUGH!! It's now public if you'd like to check it out! ❤️

Thank you again for your patience;;;; You can play my game on itch.io, or by clicking the link in the left-side nav bar GAMES ~~


Wow, it's already been 2 weeks since my last entry! Sorry about that! I'm still working on and off on my little project. I'm pretty bad when it comes to keeping focus haha;; My goal is still to have it released before the year is over. I still need to add music and the final portion, but I'd say I'm super close to finishing! I suppose it's ok to reveal more info on it as well :>

The game is titled "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me". It's about 3 girls who are quite unhappy with each other in some way or another, and the main girl is very... well, she thinks quite highly of herself. The other two girls feel like the main one needs to be more "humble", and leads to some unfortunate events.

NBEHTM (Phew, what a mouthful of an abbreviation lol) will have some horror elements, but it's mostly a "dark" story than "horror" in my opinion. Again, I'm not the best at articulating things, and the writing might leave more to be desired for some, but I hope you'll enjoy it regardless. Also! It's being created using RPG Maker 2000 (Value!)

Needless to say, this program was quite a challenge for me, due to it's lacking in what most modern RPG Maker engines have available, but I was determined to give it a try! I will say, though....I'm really ready to go back to using MV/MZ after all this ; _ ; Definitely a learning experience, but I much prefer the newer models haha;;

Anyhow! TL;DR: My game will (hopefully) be ready before the year is up! I'm also thankful for being a part of the RPG Maker webring and discord (even though I don't talk much within it haha;;) ;w; Thanks again for being so patient with me!! See you soon~


I've more or less have the rest of the "story" for the game fleshed out! (Thank u to my husband for the assistance ;w;) I'm not very good at writing stories, but I knew I wanted this game to mostly be about a group of generally "unplesant" people.

(Basically, the main cast is a few "mean girls" type.) I just need to finish up the latter half of the game, and add music, then bug-test!

I really want to keep my word for finishing this thing before the end of the year! It's not very "WOW" or "AMAZING" but it was a short story I had in mind for a while. I hope you'll enjoy it despite! (:


Work on my upcoming game is going rather slowly, apologies on my part for that! I constantly flip through the motions on being really excited to work on it, then ADHD kicks in and I can't focus on the program for a long time.

Again, this game will be relatively short, and not so "gameplay" involved as much as it is "story". I have no estimate for when it'll be done, but I'd like to release it before the end of the year at least! Thank you for all those interested! ;w;


Still working on my upcoming rpg maker game. As stated before, it will focus more on a sort of story, rather than gameplay. There's not much to it right now, and it won't be a very long game, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.